Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Notes from Mom

I read "Introducing Ollie" to my mom over the phone yesterday and she loved it! It's great to have such a positive response from her, especially since she is the original creator of Ollie. She said I had given a lot more detail than when she used to tell us the stories, and that she thought that was great for turning it into a book.

She shared a few of the original details of the story, some of which I remember (and have already worked into the story or plan to) and other that I had completed forgotten.
  • Yes, Ollie was an orange tiger-striped tomcat.
  • Mr. Brown and his family found Ollie when he was just a kitten, skinny and sick, and adopted him.
  • Mr. Brown took him to work on the trolley with him daily. Ollie rode up and down the trolley line.
  • The daughter was named Jane, about 9 years old. She had a younger brother, name forgotten, about 7 years old.
  • There was a butcher at one trolley stop who became friends with Ollie (I remembered that!).
  • In one story, the children get lost in the city and Ollie finds and rescues them.
I asked her about the different terminology: "trolley" versus "cable car". She said that, as far as she knew, "trolley" was more common and that perhaps she had been thinking of the trolleys in Philadelphia - as well as those in SF, of course - when she was making up the story.

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