Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The city of SF

I've gotten far enough along in the story now that I want to reference specific streets and neighborhoods of San Francisco, really situate Ollie and his friends in the real-life city. So, it's back to Wikipedia & Co. to see what I can learn. Too bad I never bought a guidebook to California during the two years I spent there...

So, at least 10 pages of printed information in the Wikipedia entry. I am going to resort to old-fashioned reading from the printed page and see where that takes me.

I want to find Ollie a neighborhood that, if possible:
  • is within walking distance to the Powell-Market turntable, the origin point of both the Powell cable car lines (what a good starting point for a story about getting lost, e.g., hopping on the Powell-Hyde line by accident);
  • has a mix of old established businesses, like butchers and fish shops, and funky new restaurants (I image Ollie becoming a bit of a king of the neighborhood, getting to know all the proprietors, keeping his coat shiny on a rich diet of top quality scraps); and
  • includes classic row houses, like the one I imagine Herb living in.

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