Thursday, February 19, 2009


Although I've been thinking about this project for almost a year now, for many months it was just swirling around in my head. But a few things have set me going.

First, shortly after Christmas, I mentioned the idea to my mother. After all, Ollie on the Trolley is her original creation. And she had played with the idea of writing it down herself in the past. So the idea was shared - out in the open.

Secondly, having just relocated to a new country and without a full-time job yet, I am doing part-time consulting work. I have a flexible schedule and plenty of free time.

Then, through another Smith alum here in Madrid, I was invited to join an informal writing group. It seems just the opportunity to kick start my writing process. One of my main struggles in regard to creative writing is that I am naturally a more analytic writer. I like the process of researching a topic, shifting through the materials discovered, and then turning it into a well written analysis. But creative writing is different, both in process and voice, even though research can be very valuable for a story or poem. It's a challenge to get out of my head and I hope participating in the writing group will inspire and help me.

Lastly, I am tutoring a young Spanish girl - aged 11 - in English. She's smart and more than a little bored with her typical English lessons at school. We are having fun together - among other things, reading some of my children's books together and doing vocabulary and comprehension exercises based on the stories. So I'm thinking a lot right now about what children like in a story.

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  1. Peggy mentioned yesterday that she knows someone in publishing in NYC and to let her know once I am further along in the writing process!


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