Thursday, February 19, 2009

First ideas...

Perhaps it seems backwards, but before getting into the story itself, I have a number of ideas in my head about eventually publishing it.
  • First, of course, is to use this blog as a sort of story board and work space that can encompass both the writing itself and hopefully the publication process. I've heard various second-hand stories about bloggers who eventually got themselves published - in one case through no particular ambition of her own! It seems like a great opportunity to improve my knowledge about a cool new form of media while working to develop a publishable children's story. With so much competition in the publishing world, the possibility of developing a market for the story during its development process is too good to pass up.
  • I've travelled a fair amount in my life, both for pleasure and for work, and have lived abroad in several countries. I have many interesting photographs from the places I've been and I have in mind the idea to send Ollie travelling about the world, in addition to exploring San Francisco. I'd like to use some mix of drawings and real photographs to illustrate the story series.
  • Related to that 2nd point, my husband Nacho - a computer whiz - recently mentioned Corel Art as a software program I should get into. Apparently, some consider it "the world's most popular painting and illustration software". Although Nacho brought it up for another purpose, I think its worth looking into for Ollie as well!

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