Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ollie to the Rescue - Story #3

The 2nd concrete idea I have for a subsequent story in the "Ollie on the Trolley" series, is based on a plot detail that Mom mentioned to me. She said one of the stories she remembers telling us was about the Brown children getting lost in the city, and Ollie coming to the rescue.

Plot outline: Delia gets upset at Grandpa, perhaps because her stay is extended unexpectedly by her parents. Following their phone call to break the news, she runs off - followed by Ollie. She sneaks aboard a busy California line trolley, full of commuters too engrossed in their morning paper to notice a small girl and an orange cat. Delia and Ollie eventually make their way to the Gold Gate Park where they have various adventures, some fun and some scary. As the day gets darker, Delia is suddenly tired of running away from "home" and wants to go back to the row house to see Grandpa. However, she is lost inside the large park and unsure what to do next. Ollie, who has been keeping her company all day, leads her to a more public part of the park and gets the attention of a park security officer, who alerts the city police that he's found the lost child reported earlier in the day. Delia and Ollie are safely reunited with Grandpa and Fred.

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